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al pastor skewer

Al Pastor

Al pastor is a style of meat cooking in Mexican cuisine, usually using pork. This richly flavored meat is usually sliced ​​or cubed, then specially seasoned and cooked, often with onions, spinach and spices. The cooking method of al pastor is influenced by the grilling methods of the Levant region, making it a unique and delicious Mexican cuisine.

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Turkey rack

Rosted Turkey

Roasted turkey is a classic holiday dish, usually eaten at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The roasted turkey is tender and often paired with stuffings, vegetables and various spices. It is a traditional dish at family gatherings and holiday celebrations.

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Rib rack

Smoked Rib

Smoked pork ribs are a delicious culinary dish that is often prepared using smoking cooking techniques. After the ribs are smoked, the meat is tender and has a unique smoky flavor, which is often a delicious choice for barbecues or family dinners.

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